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Newborn Muslin Quilts

Newborn Muslin Quilts

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Baby Skin Cool Feeling Kids Quilt, a revolutionary way to help your little ones stay cool and comfortable during hot summer nights. This lightweight quilt offers a cool but not cold feel that will refresh their sleep, allowing them to rest peacefully no matter what the temperature is outside. Not only does it feature a baby skin fabric to ensure their comfort, but it's also reversible so you can use it all year round!

  • Fine stitch
  • Double-sided use: Keeps cool in summer and warm for winter
  • Machine washable
  • 43" by 55" in which is ideal for swaddle blanket ,car seat/stroller blanket
  • Ultra Soft blankets are perfect to snuggle in! Muslin cotton fabric is one of the comfiest fabrics for cozy blankets.
  • Great sweat and water-absorbing capability 

Try it now and experience the cool relief of the Baby Skin Cool Feeling Kids Quilt!

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